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Route 9-1-1 calls from any network

The Guardian Emergency Services Routing Proxy (ESRP) enables accurate E9-1-1 call routing regardless of the network access used by the caller. It is a new-generation selective router that bridges the gap between conventional PSTN networks and the latest technology VoIP/VoIM networks.

The Guardian ESRP is designed to meet NENA i3 specifications and provide a ready-made connection to new services as they become available with the accelerating deployment of VoIP/VoIM technologies.

Routing performance you can rely on

Guardian ESRP ensures that an E9-1-1 call is routed to the correct primary PSAP that is designated to serve the originating station location. The routing proxy supports both manual and automated ANI/ESN table updates.

In addition, Guardian ESRP supports multiple alternate routes in an event where all trunks to a PSAP have failed or are busy. If no ANI is available or the Guardian ESRP is not capable of associating an ESN to the ANI, it will resort to a default routing which can be made specific to each incoming E9-1-1 trunk. The Guardian ESRP can also be configured so that once an E9-1-1 call is received with a valid ANI, the call will be routed to the appropriate PSAP irrespective of the status of the incoming call.

Geospatial routing option for real-time, location based call delivery

The Guardian ESRP can be configured for geospatial routing. Geospatial routing ensures the emergency call is routed to the proper PSAP based on the most accurate latitude and longitude available with the call.

By using spatial call information the system can route on a more accurate location thereby getting the call to the correct PSAP faster.

The Guardian ESRP geospatial routing enables reliable, accurate E9-1-1 call routing regardless of the network access used by the caller, with advanced capabilities such as:

  • ALI record management with ANI, IP Address, IM tag identifiers
  • MSAG validation
  • Dynamic PSAP boundary configuration – allowing for Virtual PSAP operation
  • Geospatial routing of 211/311/511/711/911 calls
  • National/State wide NG9-1-1 call transfers
  • In-motion 9-1-1 call tracking/management
  • Cluster call traffic engineering/management

Solacom Guardian ESRP achieves a new level of routing performance for legacy and next generation 9-1-1 networks

ESRP Diagram

Core Service Applications

  • Selective routing call configuration
  • Database and verification interface
  • Call Detail Records
  • IQPod (call conferencing)

Selective Router Interfaces

  • CAS (including NENA Feature group D and others)
  • ISDN PRI (NI2, DMS, 5ESS user side and network side)
  • SS7
  • SIGTRAN (SS7 over IP)
  • SIP (VoIP)
  • H.323 (VoIP).

Selective Router Capacity

  • Up to 4,000 simultaneous calls