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IP at the desktop – what every PSAP is looking for

A great call taking workstation can make it easier for you to do your job with capabilities like one button transfer, unlimited conferencing and letting you see and manage every leg of your active calls.

Solacom’s Guardian Intelligent Workstation (IWS) is designed from the ground up to bring IP to your desktop – and provide you with a new level of performance for responding to all types of calls, whether they arrive on legacy trunks or on a Next Generation 9-1-1 IP network.

Versatile, powerful, productive

Guardian IWS interfaces with Computer Aided Dispatch, voice recording, video, Short Message Service, Instant Messaging and sensors. It allows you to handle 9-1-1, administrative, enterprise PBX, 211, 311, 511, and 711 lines all in a unified environment.

It will even let you open a garage door or display video with Pan – Tilt – Zoom control. But where it truly excels is call management that allows you to monitor every segment of your calls, and easy access to transfer, redial, conference and a host of other features.

The modular screen layout can be customized and saved, or it can be set to a standard display for all PSAP workstations. 9-1-1 Telecommunicators can log into any PSAP in the network, access their profile and work as though sitting at their regular terminal.

Guardian IWS Screenshot
  • Redundancy and high availability ensure that calls are never missed
  • Format ALI for display
  • CAD and Mapping interfaces
  • Logging recorder for incoming 9-1-1 trunks
  • Contact list and speed dials supporting hundreds of lines and quick find capabilities
  • Send ALI transfer between telecommunicators
  • PSAP status information
  • Call distribution (ring all, priority, longest idle)
  • Role based logins with fully definable roles
  • ALI steering
  • Ring No Answer timeout and call rerouting
  • Last telecommunicator cannot log out
  • Alternative routing on fail National/State wide transfer*
  • Call back from selective router*
  • Fixed transfer with agency list*

* Feature available when connected to a Solacom selective router

  • Incoming 9-1-1 call splash screen and chimes with or without call info (ANI and hook status)
  • Personalized screen layouts
  • Display ANI/ALI
  • ALI preview
  • Display caller hook status
  • Display Selective Transfer Agencies labels and info
  • Print ALI (format ALI for proper printing)
  • Redial with list
  • Display time and date
  • Start time
  • ALI Notes
  • Baudot TDD/TTY – TDD/TTY recognition
  • Single button call back from call info remote
  • Instant Recall Recorder
  • Radio headset bypass
  • Call history with print option
  • Distinctive ringing per operator, per call type
  • Ringer mute
  • Call back
  • ALI refresh and rebid
  • Multiple simultaneous call handling Display ESN*
  • Display ESN Labels*

* Feature available when connected to a Solacom selective router