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Guardian Map – clarity, simplicity and speed

Guardian Map uses Automatic Location Identification information received with legacy 9-1-1 calls, or from caller location data in an i3 architecture, to clearly indicate the location and status of 9-1-1 calls on a map – allowing you to quickly answer and manage calls directly from the display of your Guardian Intelligent Workstation.

Solacom has partnered with GeoComm Inc. to create a best-in-class mapping solution on the Next Generation 9-1-1 Guardian platform.

At a glance, you can identify the status of all calls. For example, a ringing 9-1-1 call has a different icon than calls that have been answered or released. Where applicable, a caller’s location is updated as the map is automatically ‘refreshed’ within the Guardian Controller.

Flexible map support – including client-provided maps

Guardian Map supports locally-hosted maps created from client supplied data and custom Geographic Information Systems (GIS) basemaps.

In addition, Guardian Map supports free Esri ArcGIS Online™ basemaps and Streetmap Premium ™.

Quickly prioritize calls

When simultaneous 9-1-1 calls are received, you can quickly view the location of all ringing 9-1-1 calls prior to answering a call. You can also rapidly differentiate between abandoned calls and actively ringing calls.

Map-based call control

Touch map navigation, as well as mouse and keyboard, allow you to quickly interact with map-based calls.

Icons on the map indicate call status, to identify 9-1-1 calls as ringing, answered, muted, on hold, privacy, or abandoned. In addition, the calls that you answer are represented by a unique icon, so your calls look different than those answered by other call takers.

Dependable client-server architecture

In addition to a standalone system, Guardian Map can also be configured to support a unique client-server based mapping system on all call taker workstations.

This highly reliable architecture reduces real-time bandwidth requirements and minimizes latency in the responsiveness of the map data. Solacom also provides GIS data validation, data management and mapping support, as well as round-the-clock monitoring for continuous uptime and availability.