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Constant vigilance, diligent resolution

You need to ensure that your 9-1-1 public safety system is always available and operating at peak performance levels. A critical task – but not always easy in today’s climate of fiscal restraint.

Reliable real-time response

Active Remote Monitoring stands guard over your system with cost effective, efficient monitoring by certified Solacom technicians, 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Active Remote Monitoring ensures quick response to critical alarms on your core system components, and can be extended to include your Network Gateways, attendant workstations and other system equipment.

All events are analyzed to rapidly identify performance issues and avoid or reduce any potential system downtime. Notification is sent to all of your specified contact points, including phone numbers and email addresses (exchange server or accounts such as Gmail or Hotmail).

If necessary, the technician can dispatch repair personnel for on-site troubleshooting and fault correction according to your support and escalation procedures.

Prevention, security… and peak performance

Unlike services that attempt to automate alarm classification, Solacom Active Remote Monitoring involves actual technicians, trained to investigate and interpret alarms and events. More often than not, it's that personal attention that resolves issues before they can escalate into bigger problems. Solacom Active Remote Monitoring goes beyond simply responding to events. Trend analysis looks for vulnerabilities in your system, seeking to predict required maintenance prior to failure.

In addition to monitoring your core system components, Active Remote Monitoring can be customized to watch over workstation positions, gateways, and other elements of your network.

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