A state of the art NG9-1-1 system – with no trade offs

The idea of getting together with surrounding counties to leverage buying power isn’t new, but most PSAPs are reluctant to trade off control for added functionality and cost savings. With a Solacom Hosted Solution, you don’t have to choose between saving costs or relinquishing control! Now you and your neighboring PSAPs can get the best of both worlds – significant cost savings and a state of the art NG9-1-1 system that lets you operate independently.

Hosted Solution Diagram

The Solacom Hosted Solution provides for autonomous operation of multiple PSAP tenants through the allocation of line and trunk resources within the Guardian controller. Although everyone shares common back room equipment, each PSAP within a Solacom Hosted Solution is unique and can determine how calls to their PSAP are routed and handled under normal circumstances and backup scenarios. The number of telecommunicators per PSAP is also flexible; one county may have 3 positions, the next may have 2, and a third PSAP may have 4, and so on.

If at any point in the future, you and your neighboring PSAPs elect to combine operations, the Guardian controller supports straightforward consolidation of resources.

Greater interopereability

A great advantage of a Solacom Hosted Solution is that it eliminates Selective Router boundary transfer issues. All calls being handled by the controller are easily and rapidly transferred to positions at any of the hosted PSAPs, regardless of service boundaries.

In fact, all PSAPs sharing a Guardian controller have the capability to map each other as back up resources at the workstation level – facilitating fast, one-button transfers during alternate routing and overflow conditions.

Your own, customizable Guardian Intelligent Workstations

Bring IP performance to the desktop and a new level of efficiency for responding to all types of calls, whether they arrive on analog 9-1-1 trunks or on a Next Generation 9-1-1 IP network. With Guardian Intelligent Workstations (IWS), you have the flexibility to create unique, personal workstation screen layouts, or alternatively, to setup roles and role groups that define each user’s privileges and to create standardized workstation screen layouts.

Solacom Hosted Solution – the intelligent migration path to NG9-1-1 for PSAPs wanting to maximize their infrastructure budget through consolidated investment.